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Channels Televisionis one of the 13 independent television stations currently broadcasting in Nigeria, since the Federal Government deregulated the broadcast media in 1992.


Channels TVChannels Television’s bias for news has placed it well above other competitors in the Nigerian television industry. The company is staffed with some of the best broadcast journalists in the country, with a staff strength of about 394, some of whom have received training in Europe, South Africa and the United Kingdom and the United States, and many also bagging numerous awards of different categories, nationally and internationally.


Channels Televioion after its launch came up with excellent news, soaps, sitcoms that are not only famous in nigeria but all around the world. The viewers can also watch celebrity talk show, morning shows; Tele films, drama songs and latest movies. The show refreshes your mood from energetic content that captivates the audience.

Channels TV is not restricted to TV shows as it has made its mark in the silver screen by producing films. It has made a remarkable success in the field of fashion as well. In order to pay tribute and acknowledge the achievement of nigeria fashion industry, by holding an award ceremony.

TVC is popular 24 hour entertainment TV channel. It is renowned for its spell bounding and legendary dramas, soaps, and serials. It has laid down the foundation of delivering quality entertainment to audiences.