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The world is temporal, focus on eternal riches


Yaw Siki preaches online

God is coming, former secular musician says

Seek eternal riches, Yaw Siki to Twitter followers

Former secular musician, Yaw Siki has stated that God will soon come to judge mankind, therefore there is a need for them to repent from their evil ways.

Yaw Siki, now an evangelist, has been preaching the message of God following his fatal accident that nearly claimed his life in April 2013 on the Accra-Tema Motorway.

Yaw advised his Twitter followers not to delight in material things on earth but instead, focus on eternal riches which lies in heaven.

“You can lose everything you have gathered in a moment, this world is temporal; let your love be in the eternal riches above,” he tweeted.

“Christ is coming,” read his tweet dated January 27, 2022.

In a separate post, he added it is God who puts on his heart the messages he shares on social media.

“Our Lord Jesus showed us sincere love; His love is true, it is genuine, and He demonstrated it through His good works and His death on the cross. When we preach or profess love, and don’t act accordingly, we become hypocrites; let us love like Christ, let us do good, not evil.”

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