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Gospel musician suspends himself from ministry work after cheating on his wife


Entertainment of Wednesday, 26 January 2022

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Gospel musician, Sammie Okposo Gospel musician, Sammie Okposo

Gospel musician takes a break from ‘God’s ministry’

Sammie Okposo apologises to wife for cheating

Samie Okposo begs God for the forgivness of sins

Nigerian gospel musician, Sammie Okposo, has announced that he has taken a break from the gospel ministry work after a US-based woman called him out for impregnating and jilting her.

The singer on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, released a statement on his Instagram page to officially apologise to his wife for his infidelity which he stated has brought his family shame.

In the post, he confessed to impregnating another woman.

Sammie who has asked God for the forgiveness of sins also disclosed that he will take a break from singing until he is entirely healed.

“As I work in making peace with God, repenting and asking for His forgiveness, I am suspending myself from all ministry work until full restoration as this is what is proper and what I know I owe God and His people.”

In his apology to his wife, Ozioma, Mr Okposo wrote: “I need to bring a very unfortunate incident to your attention as I am not proud of it but know that this is the right thing to do. On my recent trip to the USA (Late 2021), I got intimately involved with a lady, knowing that this was not appropriate as a married man and a minister of the gospel. I am ashamed and regret my actions as it has caused a lot of pain to my dear wife, Ozioma, my family and I.”

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