Home Entertainment Desist from sleeping or marrying ‘destiny helpers’

Desist from sleeping or marrying ‘destiny helpers’


Yvonne Nelson sends advice to her followers

Don’t marry your ‘helpers’, Yvonne Nelson says

Twitter followers back Yvonne Nelson’s statement

Ghanaian actress and producer, Yvonne Nelson, has admonished individuals not to sleep with their ‘destiny helpers’ especially when they have been placed in their lives by God to help them grow or establish their careers.

These helpers she terms as ‘solid people’ are difficult to find.

Yvonne Nelson noted that although her statement might sound funny, it is in one’s best interest to resist the temptation of having sexual intercourse with their helper.

She added that marrying them is also not a good option.

“When you meet SOLID people you wanna keep in your life forever, don’t get sexual with them. Yeaa. Don’t even marry them I know it sounds weird, funny,” she tweeted.

Her post dated January 24, has generated several reactions from her Twitter followers.

According to persons who have seconded her tweet, once you have an affair with these ‘solid people’, you break the once happy relationship.

Kuma Assafuah wrote: “Very true statement. You will end up destroying the quality of the relationship both have.”

Another, Daniel Boateng added: “U always kicking sense prettiest.Bless you.”

A third, Kwesi Music also commented: “Don’t end solid solidarity with sex.”

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