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Repent and submit to Jesus Christ


Former secular musician, Yaw Siki Former secular musician, Yaw Siki

Yaw Siki preaches God’s word

God saved my life in a car accident, Yaw Siki

I used to be addicted to weed, Yaw Siki tells GhanaWeb

Former Ghanaian secular singer, Yaw Siki has admonished all mankind to turn away from their evil ways and seek the kingdom of God.

He has preached that the end time is near and for that matter, every individual must seek the face of Christ Jesus in other to be saved.

In a tweet dated January 24, the singer famed for his hit single ‘Wope Dodo’ wrote that the time is now to bear fruit for God.

Yaw Siki in 2013 rededicated his life to God after He saved the musician from a ghastly car accident on the Accra-Tema Motorway in April 2013, since then, he has been preaching God’s word.

“It is time to turn from the sinful deeds and submit to Jesus Christ, believing in the gospel, allowing the Holy Spirit to bear holy fruits through you; repent!” Yaw Siki tweeted.

Now known as Evangelist Isaac Okai, it is his dream to win more souls for Christ and also turn their hearts away from their evil deeds.

In his 2021 interview with GhanaWeb, Yaw Siki mentioned that God gave him a second chance at life with his car accident survival.

He revealed that he was addicted to weed, masturbation, and pornography but after his encounter with God he turned a new leaf.

“I know myself, I knew God was trying to bring me out because in my room, during my “Wop3dodo” times, I felt empty so many times and I knew we had to do something for God. I knew I had to use my giftings for God, I knew I had to serve God, but it was difficult for me to do. I tried to change but whenever I went to the Bible I realized I needed to deny myself of the world around the world and carry my cross, and that seemed so hard for me,” Yaw Siki recounted.

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