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OV’s reaction when asked if she sniffs hard drugs


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Dancehall musician OV was shocked to the marrow when she was told rumours are rife she sniffs hard drugs.

The former Burniton Music Group signee in an interview on Accra FM had remarked that she had heard a lot of rumours but would not want to address them because it would not change the narratives. Most of these comments, she said, cracked her up as she wondered how people could concoct such stories.

But the host’s decision to reiterate a comment about her alleged usage of drugs got her to exclaim.

“They say you sniff,” said the host, Nana Romeo, a comment that startled OV.

“Ei”, she uttered while indicating she has experienced hiccups that persons spreading such rumours are unaware of, for which reason they have been drawing wrong conclusions.

“You don’t know what I’m going through nor what I’ve been through so I’ll just laugh about it. Some of the comments, they’re just funny”, OV emitted.

Asked to clarify if she indeed takes hard drugs or not, OV responded, “What are hard drugs? Well, there is no iota of truth in that”.

In a separate interview with Sammy Flex, OV detailed why she has been away for a while. The singer who has just released ‘No Perfect Vibe’ mentioned that at a point, she was heartbroken.

“I am ready to continue doing music. I am ready to continue learning but nothing really happened to me; just that my heart was broken for a while.

“Honestly, I went through so much and that is the truth. I went through so much that I had to stay back for a while and really decide if I really want to continue this stress. Nowhere cool so I just had to continue doing it (music), because I still have it and I don’t have to disappoint a number of people who believed in me from scratch so that is why I am back to do music. What I do best,” said the ‘Want Me’ crooner.

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