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I am now a full-time musician


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I am a multi-talent musician, Archipalago

Entertainment critic and social media commentator, Archipalago, has announced that he is now into full-time music.

He has promised to thrill Ghanaians and fans with hardcore songs.

According to the singer, who is also known as Palago Mufasa, he has a strong passion for music, hence has decided to invest his energy into it despite criticism from music lovers who have tagged him as a ‘wack’ artiste following his first single ‘Megye’ released in 2019.

Speaking in a recent interview with blogger, Sammy Kay, the controversial social commentator noted that he is the best the world has ever had in terms of talent.

“Currently, I am focused on music because I have tried every other thing so right now, I am a full-time musician. I am a multi-talent musician.

“You can’t place me in one category. The world has not experienced my type before, I am multi-talented. I sing I am a promoter, MC, social media commentator, and entertainment critic,” he stated.

The Kumerican rapper furthered: “I was the first social commentator in Ghana but now, I have elevated to a musician. I have shunned that job for the bloggers.”

In 2019, Archipalago was mocked by music lovers when he released his first single on YouTube. The music video attracted a recorded number of ‘dislikes’.

But explaining how he felt with that bitter experience, he noted that rapper, Criss Waddle orchestrated that move.

“I have a lot of songs but I tended with ‘Megye No’ also known as “666”… I knew how Ghanaians were going to relate to it because i have criticized musicians for years. People try to rubbish my song but in fact, I was speaking sense. It was a hit… it was Criss Waddle who directed people to go dislike my music video on YouTube but later he explained that he was just kidding,” he noted.

Popular among Archipalago’s songs included, ‘Megye’, ‘Obaa No’ and ‘Straight Outta Kumerica’.

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