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2 huge problems that emerged from Psalm Adjeteyfio’s leftover audio leakage


These individuals were involved in some problems that sprung from TT's leaked audio play videoThese individuals were involved in some problems that sprung from TT’s leaked audio

Ayisha Modi and Psalm Adjeteyfio disagree on GH₵5,000 donation amount

MzGee and husband fight Baumia’s aide

Psalm Adjeteyfio begs for support

Call it controversies or drama but these situations unfolded in the media space after Psalm Adjeteyfio’s leaked audio in which he was captured pleading for leftovers from TV presenter, MzGee, made rounds on social media.

After the video circulated online, Ghanaians shared varied opinions about it coupled with the search for the person responsible for leaking the audio.

The blame games, social media banters, accusations, and counter-accusations between some individuals involved in Psalm Adjeteyfio’s leaked audio brouhaha triggered several concerns on social media.

Let’s take a look at some events that were birthed from Psalm Adjeteyfio’s leftover audio brouhaha

MzGee and husband vs Gideon Baako

Vice president Mahamudu Bawumia’s aide, Gideon Baaako, was accused by MzGee of circulating Psalm Ajeteyfio’s audio which was sent to him in confidentiality.

She accused the Vice President’s aide of circulating the voice note in order to gain what she described as political favours.

It can be recalled that after Psalm Adjeteyfio’s audio got into MzGee’s hands it was all over social media and many individuals shamed the TV presenter for broadcasting a voice note that was sent to her in private.

Whiles denying the allegations, MzGee who went on an investigation expedition named Gideon Baako as her prime suspect and rained curses at him on social media.

MzGee’s husband, Raymond Aqcuah, who initially sent the video to the vice president’s aide after receiving it from his wife also pointed accusing fingers at him.

Gideon on his part denied any of such accusations and also alleged that MzGee intended to file a story on Psalm Adjeteyfio’s ‘leftover audio.

These three were involved in a series of back and forth and ranting sprees on social media.

Psalm Adjeteyfio vs Ayisha Modi

Ayisha Modi and Psalm Adjeteyfio engaged in a back and forth about the exact amount the latter has received from the former sometime in 2021.

This was after Ayisha expressed disappointment in the veteran actor for mismanaging the huge donation given him and resorting to begging for leftovers after she donated an amount of GH₵5,000 and some toiletries to him.

Ayisha Modi said she donated the money exactly around the same time the Vice President gifted him an amount of GH¢50,000, among others.

Psalm Adjeteyfio on the other hand denied such claims from Ayisha and alleged that he had only received just GH₵500 from her.

TT denied ever receiving such an amount from Ayisha Modi on several media platforms until he recently confessed and she was exonerated.

TT who made the U-turn did not only plead for forgiveness for lying about the amount, he also claimed that his son usually keeps track of the list of donations he has received.

The veteran actor said his son wasn’t around to correct him when he made the earlier statement during an interview with Halifax.

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