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‘I’m a surgeon in America not a mortuary man’


Entertainment of Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Source: sammykaymedia.com


Archipalago play videoArchipalago

Popular U.S based Ghanaian social media commentator, entertainment critic and musician, Archipalago has revealed his real profession in the United States of America.

Speaking in an interview with Sammy Kay on the Go online show, the controversial self-acclaimed “Kumerican President” asserted that he works with surgeons in the States.

According to him, despite being a jack of all trades and working in different fields in the United States, he is currently now a health care professional who trained as a sterilized processing technician, a field in the health sector that works hand in hand with the surgeons.

Archipalago however, rubbished assertions made by some netizens on social media that he is a “mortuary man” and a cleaner in America.

He stated that those who are fond of making such statements about him are purely borne out of hatred and jealousy and that is because he’s more exposed to the western world and also way ahead of them in life.

Watch the video below:

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