Home Entertainment I was initiated at a ‘Tigare’ shrine – Psalm Adjeteyfio reveals

I was initiated at a ‘Tigare’ shrine – Psalm Adjeteyfio reveals


TT claims he was initiated to a shrine

This was done by his biological mother

He noted, this has compounded his woes

Psalm Adjeteyfio, known in a popular TV series ‘Taxi Driver’ as TT, has indicated that his mother initiated him at a shrine during his infancy.

This, he said, has compounded the woes he is experiencing currently.

Speaking in a yet-to-be aired Joy Prime TV programme dubbed ‘Changes’ the veteran actor revealed, his stepmother who cared about his welfare, took him to a spiritual lady where he found out that the actions of his mother could be a contributing factor to his misfortunes.

“My stepmother did something good. She took me to a spiritual lady and after praying, that’s where all these revelations came up,” TT said.

He noted, the spiritual lady advised him to seek answers from his biological mom, an order which he obeyed.

TT further disclosed that, when he confronted his mother, she exclaimed in the Ga language, an expression that translates to English “did I forget to show gratitude?”

His mother then confessed, stating that “you were a baby when I got you initiated into the Tigare shrine.”

TT has been in the news recently following a leaked audio, where the actor is heard begging for leftovers from a MzGee, a media personality.

This was after some philanthropies have donated over GH₵90,000 to the actor after he came out to the public domain to seeking for help to solve his accommodation and other medical issues.

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