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Diana Hamilton, Adina named best-dressed female singers


Ghanaian musicians, Diana Hamilton and Adina play videoGhanaian musicians, Diana Hamilton and Adina

Diana Hamilton and Adina commended for their style

Diana Hamilton is always on point, showbiz journalist says

Adina wins heart with her local designs

Being a celebrity comes with the responsibility of always looking your best during public appearances.

There is a saying that “The way you dress, is the way you are addressed.”

The Ghanaian music industry has witnessed some worst and best-dressed female singers, but according to showbiz journalist, Paula Amma Broni, gospel musician, Diana Hamilton and Afropop singer, Adina are the current best-dressed performers.

Speaking on the ‘Female Show’ with Tilly Akua Nipaa, Paula Amma Broni noted that these two acts stand out. When it comes to fashion, they always hit the right note.

She said: “Music is not just about your talent. How you look matters, the fashion police will talk about you from your hair to toe, makeup to shoes. Every public appearance, we will want to know what you are wearing. You never know, you might be a fashion inspiration to the youth.

“For me, Diana Hamilton got it. She has been putting her back to it. Diana doesn’t do too much. Some people do too much, it is just all over the place, their outfits make noise. Some people wear designer clothes, top brand but it is not well put together. I call it noise-making. Less is more and Diana did great.”

Paula Broni also commended Adina for promoting local designers adding that the ‘Too Late’ crooner always nails her look.

“For a very long time, Adina has had her way of working with the Northern smock. Her dressing is always on point. I like the fact that she uses our local smock and fashion designers,” she added.

Watch the video below:

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