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Artistes need to travel across countries to promote their records – Gemini Major


Entertainment of Wednesday, 19 January 2022

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Gemini Major, Music Producer Gemini Major, Music Producer

South African-based artiste and music producer, Gemini Major, has charged, artistes to travel out of their comfort zones if they want to achieve global recognition.

Although he admits the process could be challenging for most artistes, with most suffering financial losses and cultural shock, he believes it is worth it.

The multi-award-winning producer, therefore, encouraged artistes to challenge themselves in order to become successful in the industry.

Speaking to Kula during an interview on Y107.9FM’s ‘Wake n Bake’, Gemini Major said, “You need to travel to promote your music and crafts, that’s the only way to do it. It is costly but that is the only way to do it. Some people find it uncomfortable and for me, I believe there is always a challenge in everything. So we just need to overpower the odds.”

The ‘Ooh Lala’ hitmaker further revealed his plans of moving to Ghana. “I’m probably thinking about moving to Ghana as well, to win producer of the year,” he said hilariously.

“We’re dreamers and to leave our homes to settle somewhere else and that is what we keep doing to survive. For me, it is any means possible. I always dare myself because it inspires me a lot. In South Africa, I’m very comfortable and I don’t have to introduce myself to anybody. I don’t have to go to clubs and pay for drinks because they usually know me. The experience here is quite different for me as I am struggling compared to the other artistes here. This even inspires me so much to do better. I believe there are other things I still need to work on,” he said.

Gemini has been in Ghana since the December festivities and has hinted at some collaborations with Ghanaian elite artistes including the man of the moment, Black Sherif, Eyfa, Darko vibes, Quamina MP, Stonebwoy, Eyfa and a lot more.

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