Home Entertainment Psalm Adjeteyfio confesses, begs Ayisha Modi for forgiveness

Psalm Adjeteyfio confesses, begs Ayisha Modi for forgiveness


Psalm Adjeteyfio makes u-turn

Ayisha Modi speaks on Psalm Adjeteyfio brouhaha

Psalm Adjeteyfio begs for support

Ghanaian veteran actor, Psalm Adjetyfio, popularly known as TT, has finally admitted to receiving an amount of GH₵5,000 as donation from Ayisha Modi and not GH₵500 as he earlier claimed.

Ayisha Modi and TT have been engaged in a back and forth about the exact amount the later has received from the former sometime in 2021.

Earlier, Psalm Adjeteyfio claimed that Ayisha Modi sent a delegation to his house to deliver just an amount of about GH¢500 or GH₵600 and some toiletries to him after he solicited help sometime in 2021.

“Ayisha Modi before all these sent some young people to my house with some soft drinks and GH¢500 or GH₵600. After they had left, she called me from the U.S. She told me that Obofour is like a father to her and that they will come to where I am and purchase a land for me and that they will make sure they build me a house. Ever since, nothing was heard from her. She doesn’t pick my calls until now. Ayisha Modi before all these sent some young people to my house with some soft drinks and GH₵500. After they had left, she called me from the U.S,” TT earlier stated in an interview with OkayFM’s Halifax.

Ayisha on the other hand claimed that she donated money as huge as someone’s one-year pay to him around the same time the Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia gifted him an amount of GH¢50,000, among others.

The music investor insisted on several music platforms that she donated a whopping amount of GH₵5,000 to the veteran actor and not GH₵600 or GH₵500.

But several individuals on social media did not believe Ayisha’s statements as they thought it was one of her usual bragging antics.

“How can I give someone GH₵600? We ask how much he pays for rent and he said he has an outstanding GH₵3000 debt. We gave him GH₵5,000 in addition to some food items and groceries. We chattered a taxi to his place and transportation alone cost GH₵1000. We spent close to GH₵8000 when we visited him that day. . It was during that same period that the Vice President also made his donation. I have about five-voice notes he sent me. I wasn’t well at that time so I couldn’t pick calls and that’s why he resorted to voice notes,” she stated in an earlier interview with SammyKay.

But in a new twist to events, Psalm Adjeteyfio has finally sided with Ayisha Modi.

TT said his son usually keeps track of the list of donations he has received adding that he wasn’t around to correct him.

“I wasn’t prepared for the earlier interview where I said Ayisha Modi gave me 500cedis. It took me by surprise. Usually, I take my elderly son with me everywhere I go because he keeps a record of everything including the amount of monies I have received so far and other things. If he were around, I would have asked how much. Someone sent me videos where I was heavily insulted by Ayisha Modi and a number of people. So I called my son and asked him how much did Ayisha donate and he said GH₵5,000. I shouted and immediately decided to apologize to Ayisha Modi. I wasn’t in the right state of mind when I made the earlier statement. It has been a while so I forgot,” he stated in an interview with Ola Michael.

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