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Kevin Taylor shreds Burna Boy


Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, also known as 'Burna Boy' is a Nigerian artiste play videoDamini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, also known as ‘Burna Boy’ is a Nigerian artiste

Burna Boy listed in Kevin Taylor’s ‘bad books’

Kevin Taylor backs Shatta Wale

Burna Boy and Shatta Wale dirty themselves on social media

Popular social commentator, Kevin Taylor has descended heavily on Burna Boy for outstepping his boundaries and threatening a Ghanaian artiste (Shatta Wale).

He has expressed disgust at Burna Boy’s effrontery and boldness to attack Shatta Wale adding that he must pay dearly for trampling upon the integrity of a Ghanaian artiste.

Taylor’s comments fall on the back of a social media war that erupted between Shatta Wale and Nigeria’s Burna Boy earlier in January 2022.

One can recall that the Grammy Award-winning musician issued death threats at Shatta Wale during their back and forth on Twitter.

But Kevin Taylor who appears to have closely monitored the events which unfolded on social media has established that Burna Boy’s arrogance and complacency is out of the world.

He said the Nigerian singer needs to be blacklisted from Ghana for disrespecting Shatta Wale and the country as a whole.

“For Burna Boy to threaten a Ghanaian, then it means it’s really serious. This guy calling himself Burna Boy is talented and good at what he does but he cannot threaten a Ghanaian. He cannot sit in Nigeria and tell a Ghanaian that he will make life miserable for him. That is the lowest pint of an artiste. Who is Burna Boy? When did he come? Burna Boy looks like a Mexican. His Torso is longer than his legs. Apart from Ghana, go to South Africa and play a Nigeria song in a club, they’ll shut it down. Let’s stop supporting these Nigerians. Let’s stop playing his music. He should go to other countries and pay millions for promotion and I don’t care,” Kevin Taylo stated on his show.

Kevin Taylor added that most Nigerian artistes are wealthy but are running for their lives in their own country.

“Nigerian artistes in Ghana have all the money in the world but they live in Ghana. Why? Because their country is not safe. Because their career can be ended in a minute in their own country. Ask yourself why Wizkid and those boys who come to Ghana to sleep with small girls are they not living 90% of their lives in Nigeria. They’ll be slaughtered and killed,” he established.

Kevin Taylor said Burna Boy shouldn’t be too proud about ‘sampling’ Fella Kuti’s songs adding that he should learn to adopt his own original style.

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