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We have lost our sense of collectivism because our social structure is permeated with individualism – Rocky Dawuni


Entertainment of Saturday, 15 January 2022

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Rocky Dawuni, Musician Rocky Dawuni, Musician

Ghanaian afro roots artiste, Rocky Dawuni has urged citizens to ignite and reclaim the African sense of collectiveness for the advancement of our nation and the continent as a whole.

In his words, we have lost what patriotism is because we have allowed our social structure to be infiltrated and permeated with individuality which he sees as toxic to our growth as Africans.

Speaking to Akosua Hanson on YFM’s YLounge he said; “being community-minded is being African hence, once we dissociate ourselves from the concept of our connection to the community then we are lost in the desert that we will never find the promised land and I feel that we have to reclaim that sense again.”

According to him, the only way to make our country a better place is to be patriotic citizens and do what is right to help build a better Ghana rather than politicizing everything.

“If we want our country to advance, all of us should be doing what is right for the country. If you are given a quota to do and you triple the cost of the project for your gains to create an economic loss for the country, be minded that you are also creating a loss for everybody. So I feel we have lost that sense of moral duty where we do things because of God and country,” he said.

In his climax remarks, he said, “African future starts from now and it means we all taking control of who we are, forging a vision to bring everybody along, work together diligently and being honest because greatness is not achieved by accepting your lowest self.”

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