Home Entertainment What do you mean by Ghanaian gospel songs aren’t ‘spirit filled’?

What do you mean by Ghanaian gospel songs aren’t ‘spirit filled’?


Empress Gifty schools a troll

Woman alleges that Ghanaian gospel songs are not spirit-filled

I am the game-changer in the gospel industry

Empress Gifty has clapped back at a section of Ghanaians who for years have downgraded the hard work of local gospel artistes under the claim that their songs are not “spirit-filled”.

Critics comparing the new crop of artistes to veteran gospel singer argue that their old songs were more impactful and filled with the message of Christ unlike what is currently being produced by modern gospel artistes.

This assertion has resulted in many patronizing and promoting foreign gospel music, especially from Nigeria.

In a live video, Empress Gifty lost her cool when a viewer named Sister Abena wrote that “most of the Ghanaian gospel musicians are not spirit-filled”.

Empress Gifty agitated by the comment posed some serious questions to the troll who explained that she listens to Nigerian songs because of their inspiring lyrics, something she cannot relate to when it comes to local gospel songs.

“What is spirit-filled? What do you know about spirits? You are part of the reason why gospel artistes are suffering. Imagine us investing money into our music and spending long hours at the studio recording and you guys say it isn’t spirit-filled. What is spirit-filled?

“What is the spirit-filled in those songs you listen to. Do you know their lifestyle? Do you know what they (artistes) do in Nigeria? You don’t know but you guys have rejected your very own Ghanaian gospel artistes. Define the word spirit-filled. You don’t love your own, every day you want your own to struggle.”

The self-acclaimed “game-changer” in the gospel industry has launched a campaign against the influx of Nigerian gospel music in the country.

According to her, churches in Nigeria do not play or sing Ghanaian songs yet her country prioritizes their songs at the neglect of local gospel artistes.

“I want to ask you one question, when was the last time a Ghanaian gaint gospel musicians, including myself, ever visited Nigeria and heard them sing any of their songs during worship? When I take out “Ayee Ayee” out, no song from an A list Ghanaian artiste is played in their churches. If you have ever come across a thing like that, be bold and confront me,” she added.

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