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US, UK and South African songs are being played in Ghana yet they have issues with ours


Nigerian artiste, Burna Boy. Photo via Instagram Nigerian artiste, Burna Boy. Photo via Instagram

Burna Boy calls out Ghanaians

There is something fishy, Burna Boy speaks on ‘attack’ on Nigerian artistes

I am ready to fight Shatta Wale, Burna Boy

Nigerian Grammy award-winning musician, Burna Boy has called out a section of Ghanaians who have complained about the influx of foreign music in their country especially from Nigeria.

Burna Boy in his last message in 2021 wrote that there is “something fishy” with the ongoing argument made by some of his colleagues from Ghana as well as music lovers who claim to have not received love and support from Nigerians in terms of their song promotion.

According to Burna Boy who frequent Ghana, foreign songs from America, the United Kingdom as well as South Africa have been blasting on their airwaves and at major events but yet they choose to only label Nigerians as those taking over their music market.

“Dem dey play South African, American and UK music also for GH. but na Nigeria own be issue. Something fishy is smelling,” he wrote in an Instagram story on December 31, 2021.

The ‘Way Too Big’ crooner added that the agenda being pushed by Ghanaians will not foster unity on the continent especially for the new artistes who will emerge after their reign.

He added: “Pushing this agenda of separation between our beautiful African nations is a grave disservice to the generations coming after us, and it goes against everything I stand for as a man and as an unapologetic pan Africanist. therefore if Shatta or anyone has a personal problem with me. I’m still open to fight 1 on 1 and squash it after, the same way I’ve always been nobody will ruin the unity we continuously try to build for a stronger and better Africa.”

Burna Boys comments come on the back of the insult hauled at Nigerian artistes by Ghanaian dancehall musician, Shatta Wale who has rebuked his colleagues in Nigeria for not reciprocating the love shown them in the music circles.

Shatta wrote: “I don’t need Nigerian music industry to hit, I need to let those so called Naija fans and industry players to know ..Gh industry and Gh fans supported them when they needed fame so bad, so they should appreciate and say thank you not only to Ghana but Africa as a whole.”

Also, Stonebwoy in a statement on December 30 sided with Shatta when he wrote that Nigerians should also accept songs from other African countries including Ghana who have been promoting their artistes.

“My brother Shatta Wale’s approach may be wrong but the topic of our brother nation Nigeria not reciprocating the love and support it receives particularly from Ghana is valid and deserves critical attention,” parts of Stonebwoy’s post read.

Check out Burna Boy’s posts below:

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