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X-rated American model who died in Ghana did not do drugs nor alcohol


Tyger Booty is said to have been found dead in her room Tyger Booty is said to have been found dead in her room

X-rated American model found dead in a hotel in Accra under mysterious circumstances

Tyger Booty attempts to reach US Embassy in Ghana via tweet

Family of IG model say they don’t trust Ghana authorities

A sister of the Instagram model who was found dead in her hotel room in Accra some days ago has stated that there is no truth in the claims that her sister might have overdosed on drugs because she neither did drugs nor took alcohol.

Julie Williams told asaaseradio.com that the family suspects foul play in the death of their relative who was reportedly in Ghana at the request of a rich Ghanaian businessman.

Circumstances surrounding the death of Tyger Booty, (real name, Dasani Williams), the popular exotic model renowned on x-rated platforms, remains unclear as no authority in Ghana has been able to provide any credible information on the case yet.

Speaking on behalf of her family, Julie re-emphasized the point that there is no way their relative could have died from anything drug related.

“She does not do drugs and my sister doesn’t drink,” she stressed.

The Williams family has therefore asked for an independent autopsy to be done on the deceased but insist that it should not be conducted in Ghana, but rather in the United States.

They gave their reasons, as Julie would say, as their distrust in the Ghanaian system to conduct a thorough job devoid of corruption.

“We don’t trust Ghana health authorities will do a good job so we want the autopsy done in the United States.

“None of us is from there [Ghana] and we’re not sure what will happen. People have told us Ghanaian officials can be very corrupt. We would rather have it done in the states where we can trust the system because we don’t know anybody in Ghana. Everybody we talk to believes that something else is going on,” Julie Williams added.

In the meantime, the US Embassy in Ghana has confirmed the incident, giving assurances to the deceased’s family of support

“We can confirm the death of this US citizen in Accra. We offer our sincerest condolences to the family on their loss. We stand ready to provide all appropriate consular assistance. Out of respect to the family during this difficult time, we’ve no further comment,” the Embassy said.

It will be recalled that Dasani Williams (Tyger Booty) on December 5, this year, and while still in Ghana, Tyger tweeted at the official Twitter handle of the US Embassy in Ghana, trying to get their attention to a message she had sent into their inbox.

It is unclear now if that tweet was replied to, and what the contents of the message the model sent to the Embassy was about.

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