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LilWin performs in brassiere and skirt at a concert in Accra


Entertainment of Wednesday, 29 December 2021

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Ghanaian actor and musician, LilWin Ghanaian actor and musician, LilWin

Christians in Ghana are still celebrating Christmas. One Ghanaian entertainer who has so far distinguished himself as the best performer during this festive period is multifaceted celebrity, Kwadwo Nkansah popularly called LilWin.

After wowing Dormaa township with a picturesque performance at a concert on Christmas day, LilWin has again justified why he is regarded as the best entertainer currently with an amazing showmanship at an event in Accra on Monday, December 27,2021.

During his performance, LilWin, who has proven to have great fashion sense, jumped onto the stage clad in lady-like apparel; a pair of brassiere and skirt.

At a time the audience looked bored, Lilwin restarted the whole event as he got the patrons heightened when they saw him in such an apparel.

As usual, he did not exert much energy while performing his songs as the patrons grasped each one of them and owned it. His technique on the microphone, and his interaction with the patrons was a master-class.

Going bare-chested on stage has been one of his iconic styles which distinguishes him and energises his performance as well. However, the peak of his scintillating performance was when he went bare-chested on stage while performing some of his hit songs

The actor cum musician who has never disappointed with his fashion sense spent over one hour on stage – during which he classically performed about 14 hit songs including ‘Pepper Me’, ‘Ladder’, ‘Meyare’, Oblogo’ ‘Mama Boss Papa’, ‘Koti Krom’, ‘Corner Corner’.

Since he is widely known for his multi talents, most patrons Hotfmghana.com spoke to after the show were not surprised but were in ecstatic mood to see the actor cum musician perform marvellously well.

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