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Nigerian artistes see Ghana as heaven


Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale insults Nigerian artistes

Nigerians drag Shatta Wale on social media

Your artistes consider Ghana as their heaven, Shatta Wale tells Nigerians

It seems Ghanaian dancehall musician, Shatta Wale, has a lot to get off his chest, especially when it comes to Nigerian artistes.

Shatta has topped social media trends from last Saturday, where he held a joint concert with rapper Medikal at the Accra Sports Stadium.

The Freedom Concert was filled with controversies as the “Level” crooner rained insults on Nigerian artistes and the entire Ghana Music Industry during his performance.

“Do you know that majority of people in the Ghana music industry are fools? They told me that I won’t be able to fill my stadium. I don’t look up to any stupid Nigeria artiste; I look up to my fans. Fuck Nigeria,” Shatta Wale is quoted to have said.

His harsh message to singers in the West African state attracted a clap back from their music lovers and fans of these artistes.

They labelled him as Ghana’s local champion across various social media platforms where the viral clip was published.

In a series of tweets on December 27, Shatta Wale rubbed salt into their wounds as he poured his heart out and used more unprinted words on Nigerian artistes who he claims gained international recognition due to the massive support from Ghanaians who widely listen and play their songs on radio and television stations.

“Bring it on and your artistes won’t get that hype they get from Ghana… I can make that stop .. Don’t dare me… It’s the truth, your artistes come here for numbers before the world can recognize them .. Appreciate Ghana supporting your artiste and stop this foolishness..” his tweet read.

He added that most of their artistes who frequent the country see Ghana as their heaven and a destination that can be compared to the United Kingdom.

“Your artiste see Ghana like heaven.”

The Shatta Movement leader added: “They see Labadi beach like Miami.”

“Your artiste see Ghana like UK. Come and see them at our beaches with our bitches, they say they don’t feel free with your behaviour in Naija. No be me talk am ooooo.”

In a separate post, he wrote: “Anytime I say something about Nigeria, it hits them hard You guys sing about love but you don’t have it …all na scam.”

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