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Ghana records 1,320 new coronavirus cases in a day


Ghana’s COVID-19 cases have shot up with the country recording over 1,320 cases in one day taking active cases to nearly 6,400.

Per the latest update, the country has entered its fourth wave.

The Director of Public Health at the Ghana Health Service, Dr. Franklin Asiedu Bekoe, has disclosed that the new Omicron variant could be the cause of the increase in new cases.

“We used to have about less than 10 cases in a day, but now we are getting more than 100. For example, yesterday (December 26), we had over 160 cases, so we have such cases high from the airport…it tells you that several people are incubating who were negative. They enter the communities, and so they are adding up to the crisis situation,” he said.

“The current situation is telling us that there is an obvious spread of the omicron in the community.”

Per figures from December 22, Ghana’s coronavirus cases reached a record high of 1,320 cases in one day.

From 24th December, statistics indicate some 1,264 persons contracted the virus, with 8,554 cases currently active out of the cumulative 140,221 confirmed so far.

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