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Kwame Oboadie vows never to give anyone ‘lift’ in his newly acquired Benz


Entertainment of Thursday, 23 December 2021

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Radio presenter, Kwame Oboadie Radio presenter, Kwame Oboadie

Kwame Oboadie has gotten himself something very huge for this Christmas as he has added another car to his already expensive fleet of automobiles.

In a video that has been spotted on his IG page, the radio presenter and part-time MC Kwame Obodie hilariously vowed never to give anyone a “lift” most especially the ladies because they didn’t respect him when he used to drive a Toyota Corolla.

Happy Kwame Oboadie showed his fans the nice interior of his cars as he beamed with glittering smiles throughout the video.

Kwame Oboadie’s car is a GLS because he revealed in the video that his newly purchased Benz car takes up to seven passengers.

Check out the video below:

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