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I like ladies with huge breasts – Quarme Zaggy


Music of Friday, 24 December 2021

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Quarme Zaggy Quarme Zaggy

Highlife musician Quarme Zaggy has disclosed that he admires ladies with big breasts and will not hesitate to sponsor his woman should she decide to get her breasts enlarged.

In an interview with GhanaWeb, the musician listing traits of his ideal woman said he would choose breast over buttocks because the former turns him on.

“First of all, I’ll look out for the character, what she stands for, her intelligence and sometimes, her physical appearance also counts for me. I’m an admirer of boobs”, Quarme Zaggy said.

“I love huge boobs. Breasts are good for me, I like them. Women with enough chests turn me on. I love women with chests. Women with enough boobs look sexy to me; they look very attractive. I can spend time watching. If you’re my woman and you go and enlarge your boobs, I’ll pay for you to do that.”

A few weeks ago, Quarme Zaggy released his maiden EP, ‘Mr Lova’. Aimed at showcasing his music prowess and protecting his brand, the EP has songs like ‘Push It’, ‘Galamsey’, ‘Mframa’, ‘Araba’, ‘Happy’, and ‘Ehye Wo Bo’.

“For some time now, I’ve not been really active in the scene so people have not really gotten much of me so I decided to put together this so that people will really get to know me. That is why I didn’t feature many musicians; I featured only Flowking Stone. I want people to enjoy me”, he said.

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