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Prof. Alabi calls for mutual respect, deepened consultation in Parliament


The Campaign Manager for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) 2020 Elections, Professor Joshua Alabi, has called for mutual respect and deepened consultations in Parliament given the current architecture of the House.

“Our Parliament now is a hanged one. The Speaker in Parliament now is an NDC. There is, therefore, the need for mutual respect and deepened consultations to enable work to go on.

Prof. Alabi made these remarks when he accompanied by the Member of Parliament for Adenta, Mohammed Amin Ramadan, and other Party Executives met with Traditional and Zongo Leaders at Adenta at the Ogbojo Mantse’s Palace to express the party’s appreciation to the Chiefs and people for the massive endorsement of the party in the December 2020 polls.

“We believe that with mutual respect and deepened consultation- we will not witness what happened during the E-Levy voting again.

We all have to pray for all our Members of Parliament. A speaker does not have a voting right.

This is how it has been and must not be changed because of a hanged Parliament. We strongly believe that come 2024, JM will become President”, he stated.

Prof. Alabi discredited allegations that the NDC was deliberately frustrating government by failing to approve the budget.

He said, “the NDC is not against taxation. However, E- Levy is double taxation we believe is not good for the people of Ghana.

If it is money you want let’s all sit and agree. It’s not true that the NDC does not want to approve the budget”, he stressed.

While expressing his appreciation to the people of Adenta, a suburb of Accra, for voting massively for the NDC in the December 2020 polls, Prof. Alabi, also thanked those who failed to vote for the party.

“Because of them, we have seen what is happening with the governance of our country. We pray that come 2024, Ghanaians will turn out massively to vote for the NDC so we can come and put things right”.

“We are very appreciative of your presence. Your attendance alone indicates your love for the party”.

Prof. Alabi explained that the visit was a continuation of the ‘Thank You Tour’ embarked on by the former President, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, after the December General Elections on whose behalf they have met with the people.

“We need to thank the electorates even though we didn’t win. We all know what happened during the registration process. Do you remember what happened?

Militarily men were deployed to our strongholds. Even on the day of the election, military men were again deployed but the electorates turned out in their numbers to vote massively for the party, especially, in the Greater Accra Region.

Adenta for instance was not for us but we clinched that victory because of your support.

We also lost the Presidential Election in Adenta in 2016 but won in 2020. Currently, because of your support, we are 137 in Parliament, and we are grateful.

So, we needed to come and express our thanks to all of you”.

Alhaji Ahmed Ramadan, the MP for Adenta Constituency also expressed appreciation to the chiefs and people of the Greater Accra Region including those in the Adenta Constituency.

He observed that the 2020 Elections was the first time in the Fourth Republic that a political party won an election in the Greater Accra Region but did not win the General Elections.

From 13 seats, we now have 20 seats in the Greater Accra Region. NDC also won the Presidential in the Greater Accra Region and yet we did not win. Under the 4th Republic from 1992, Greater Accra always held the trump card. Prof. Alabi’s main task, therefore, was to deliver Greater Accra to the party, which he performed. Despite all that happened, we are confident that fortune will once again smile on our efforts with the support of all of you gathered here.


Among the Chiefs at the meeting were Nii Sowah, Mnai Djorn Mantse, Nii Obaa Yoo II, Adjiriganor Mantse, Nii Tetehh Obitsreh, Otano Mantse, Nii Obou III, Amanfro Mantse.

The meeting was hosted by Nii Torgbor Obadai II, Ogbojo Mantse.

The Zongo Chiefs on the other hand were led by Chief Abdul Kadir Mooh, the Zongo Chief of Ashaley Botwe and Chairman of the Adenta Municipal Assembly Zongo Chiefs, Chief Mohammed Modasiru, Zongo Chief of Ogbojo, and Chief Shiekh Sani Mohammed Nakambu, Moshie Chief and President of ADMA Council of Muslim Chiefs.

Contributing to the discussions, Nii Obaa Yoo II, urged Parliamentarians to always listen to the electorates in taking decisions that may affect them instead of just thinking of what will benefit only their pockets.

“If you want to last long in Parliament, you must listen to the concerns of the people.

One of the Zongo Chiefs also thanked the NDC party for bringing them closer to the traditional leaders. “We always want to be close to our landlords, our traditional leaders and we are very happy with this gathering”, he stated.

He further stated that “At Adenta, we don’t vote by party but anger. Having met with your delegation, I believe there will be no anger come 2024 when we go and vote”, he added.

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