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People call me ‘Ghana’s Denzel Washington’


Entertainment of Wednesday, 22 December 2021

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Ghanaian actor, Bill Asamoah play videoGhanaian actor, Bill Asamoah

Bill Asamoah earns admiration from Ghanaians

Bill Asamoah discloses special name tag given to him by Ghanaians

Abeiku Santana interviews Bill Asamoah

Ghanaian actor, Bill Asamoah, has disclosed how he managed to earn the admiration of Ghanaians to an extent that he is currently being referred to as ‘Ghana’s Denzel Washington’.

The popular Kumawood actor maintained that the tag was bestowed upon him by some fans who identified that he displays similar acting skills as the award-winning Hollywood actor.

He made the statements during an interview with Abeiku Santana where he was asked why people refer to him as the Kumawood industry “poster boy”.

“Why do people refer to you as the Kumasi Van Vicker, Kumasi John Dumelo, Kumasi Majid Michel, and so on? I don’t understand,” Abeiku asked.

Responding to the question, Bill Asamoah explained;

“Haven’t you heard that people usually refer to me as Ghana’s Denzel Washington? You should have said that one instead. They say I’m Ghana’s Denzel Washington. They say I flow like him.”

The handsome Kumawood actor is one of the few who is usually given romantic roles in movies.

Although he is known for being an all-around character, Bill Asamoah usually plays the ‘lover-boy’ and ‘wealthy man’ roles in movies.

Watch the video below:

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