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I prayed for the earth to open and bury me when I saw our ‘madness’ on Sky News


MPs engaged in fisticuffs

KT Hammond has described the event as ‘madness’

He noted that he wanted to die after seeing photos of the event on Sky News

Kobina Tahir Hammond, otherwise known as KT Hammond, has indicated that he wished the earth swallowed him when he saw the fisticuffs in Parliament on Monday, December 20, being aired on Sky News.

According to him, what happened in Parliament is unprecedented and it is his first time as an MP to experience a brawl of such nature from his colleagues.

Speaking on Citi TV’s ‘The Point of View’ programme, the Adansi-Asokwa MP, who is in Parliament for the sixth time said, “it is unprecedented. I haven’t seen one in my life…, I’ve never ever known that the Parliament of Ghana will one day reduce itself to the level of abysmal depth, the bottomless pit…”

He said, he is not to apologise for what happened in Parliament because Ghanaians will not take their apology serious.

“I almost collapsed, I prayed for the earth to open and bury me there when I saw that it was on Sky News. I watch Sky News a lot but when I saw the videos [on TV]…, it was pretty pathetic,” KT Hammond stated.

He described the fisticuffs in Parliament as “madness”.

“It is nothing short of madness, why sanity cannot prevail in that House is beyond me…we have not been sent to that Parliament to box…,” he stressed.

What happened in Parliament

On Monday night, the First Deputy Speaker decided to take leave of the Speaker’s chair for the Second Deputy Speaker to take charge allegedly to enable him to participate in voting, which occasioned disagreement from the Minority, and a subsequent tussle over the Speaker’s sitting area ensued.

Dozens of the opposition parliamentarians exchange fisticuffs with their colleagues on the Majority side while some officials of parliament tried to protect the Speaker’s seat and the mace of parliament from being attacked.

However, calm returned moments after, before the Second Deputy Speaker, Andrew Asiamah Amoako, adjourned the sitting.

Meanwhile, the House, without the Speaker, Alban Bagbin has adjourned sitting to take a break for Christmas and will resume sitting on January 18, 2022.

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