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Pharm Access calls on African governments to invest in healthcare


General News of Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Source: GNA


Pharm Access Pharm Access

Pharm Access a global pharmaceutical company has celebrated its 20th anniversary with a call on African governments to invest in healthcare to fast track the attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

It also called on key stakeholders in the healthcare sector in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania to support governments initiatives to achieve a breakthrough in access to better healthcare for all.

It said over the past decade, people in sub-Saharan Africa have steadily lived longer and in better health due to reductions in infant and childhood mortality, increased access to medical treatment for AIDS and HIV, and improved nutrition.

The pharmaceutical company said, however, many patients still faced financial hardship through high out-of-pocket health costs in their quest to access quality health services, leading to a postponement or a skip in health visits entirely.

It said the United Nations officially designated 12 December as International Universal Health Coverage Day (UHC Day), to hold leaders accountable for their promise of health for all.

Ms Nicole Spieker Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pharm Access said his company had over the past 20 years empowered thousands of healthcare workers and policymakers to provide better care to their communities in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

She said Pharm Access utilizes innovative strategies such as mobile technology, sustainable finance models, and financial protection for vulnerable and low-income groups.

She said the pharmaceutical company would as part of its 20th anniversary celebration host a series of events addressing the biggest issues inhibiting inclusive healthcare in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania.

In Ghana, Pharm Access works with the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) to institutionalize data insights and enhance its sustainability for, its active membership of over 12 million people.

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