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I don’t mind my old songs being played on radio – Kwaisey Pee


Ghanaian highlife musician Kwasi Poku Addae, better known by stage name Kwaisey Pee, has asserted that he does not mind hearing his old songs on the radio, unlike some musicians.

He said this in relation to Ghanaian award-winning rapper EL asking DJs to stop playing his old songs or not play his songs at all.

According to him, he does not mind his songs being played because he believes it helps artistes in assessing their works over the years.

He told Doctar Cann on Happy 98.9 FM’s Ayekoo After Drive Show, “I believe when you hear your old songs being played on radio, you are able to know the good job you have done over the years. I think it also gives the artiste more encouragement to do more.”

The musician added that it also helps the artiste improve upon their craft. “You are also able to figure out where changes should be made in your career. Basically, it gives you more room to learn from your old songs,” he noted.

Citing himself as an example, he shared that for him, it is always fun to hear his old songs being played on the radio.

“When I hear my old songs being played, I am motivated to record more songs, and it makes me know that my work is being appreciated,” he said.

He believes that EL is sharing his opinion, which everyone is entitled to. “His statement does not apply to all musicians. He probably feels playing his old songs might not help his career, but for me, I really don’t mind hearing them being played.”

Kwaisey Pee added that he does not see EL’s request as him showing off because he believes the artiste definitely has his reasons for saying that. “There are definitely other artistes who also prefer that, so it is his choice.”

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