Home News An MP left her one-week-old baby abroad to participate in parliamentary votes

An MP left her one-week-old baby abroad to participate in parliamentary votes


Randy Abbey is the host of Good Morning Ghana Randy Abbey is the host of Good Morning Ghana

Fisticuffs in Parliament over E-levy

Parliament adjourned indefinitely

Misconduct in Parliament needs to end immediately, Pratt

Host of Good Morning Ghana show, Randy Abbey, has revealed a Member of Parliament who had just delivered a child had to leave the baby abroad for the purpose of making up the number for casting vote in Parliament.

According to him, the MP left her one-week-old baby hoping to spend 3 days in Ghana after casting her vote but have had to stay over weeks due to the chaos that erupted in parliament.

Speaking at the back of recent happenings in Parliament he said “the one that got me thinking about what we are going to do about this parliament we have, is the fact that, an MP just had a baby, one-week-old baby, has had to leave the baby ostensibly to come for three days and go back to take care of the baby. She’s been in town for over one week having left a one-week-old baby just to make up the numbers in parliament.”

Speaking on the same matter, Kwesi Pratt Jnr. wondered how MPs will all have to be present in the house at the expense of their health.

He called on the parliamentarians to be sensible and work together for the smooth running of the house.

“…One had to be flown by private jet, NAPO also showed up holding crutches, for how long we can do this. So clearly this is not workable this number game cannot last. You do it for E-levy, are you going to do it anytime there is vote in parliament. What are the expenses involved? The expense involves people’s health. It is time for us to be sensible. Let us all find ways of working together.” He said.

Background On Monday, December 20, 2021, there was a scuffle in parliament during the voting on the government’s E-levy bill.

The fight ensued when MPs were taking votes on whether or not the E-levy should be adopted under a certificate of urgency.

At the time, Joseph Osei-Owusu, who was presiding, stated that he was stepping down to vote so, the Second Deputy Speaker should take over.

The Minority had earlier contended that per parliament’s standing orders, the Speaker of Parliament does not have a casting vote, however, Joe Osei-Owusu indicated that he would still vote.

Just when he was about to step down for the Second Deputy to take over, the Minority took the stage.

In the process, the Minority clashed with the Majority with members of both sides exchanging blows.

The house was then adjourned to Tuesday, December 20, 2021, after calm was restored.

At Tuesday’s sitting, both the majority and the Minority agreed the house should be adjourned to January 18.

The Majority said the adjournment will allow cooler heads to prevail.

But the First Deputy Speaker ruled that the House has been adjourned Sine Die.

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