Home Entertainment Samini cites complaints to answer ‘hardship in Ghana’ question

Samini cites complaints to answer ‘hardship in Ghana’ question


Samini talks about general hardships in Ghana

Samini pleads with citizens to be patient with the ruling NPP

Samini explains why he campaigned for NPP in 2020 elections

Dancehall artiste Samini has taken notice of suggestions that the country is currently faced with hardships.

Samini who endorsed the ruling government during the 2020 general elections has opined once majority of the populace are complaining, it does not have to take him to answer whether there is hardship or not.

The High Grade Family boss made such comments after Bulldog asked whether he has also experienced the ongoing hardships of the country.

“If the masses are saying that there is hardship, then there’s an iota of truth in it. If we are all observant of things happening in the country so far, we’ll realize that the average Ghanaian will admit that indeed things are not going on well. But in all, I want to state that I’m not the right person to answer this question about hardships in the country. It should be directed to the president,” Samini stated.

When asked why he decided to entangle himself with politics, by creating a campaign song for the NPP during the 2020 general elections, Samini emphasized;

“I believed that it wasn’t time for me to make my expectations public. It’s more of a party affiliation for me. I did it because I thought NPP had policies that could help Ghanaians when given the chance.”

Nonetheless he has asked Ghanaians to be patient with the ruling government as he believes they will fulfill all their promises before their tenure ends.

“If every government comes to power, they try to do what they can and whiles they’re in power, citizens will have their various expectations of them. No government can state that it has been able to fulfil all the expectations of citizens. John Mahama came to power and I saw what he did. I’ve seen what Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo has done so far. I’ve seen what he intends to do as well. So I’ve realized that not all policies that are often promised are implemented. But if at the end of NPP’s four years, they’re unable to do all the things they said, then they can be judged but for now I believe it is unfair to be hard on them. Let’s give them some time,” he stated.

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