Home Entertainment Watch Nigerian singer Buju’s reaction after tasting Sarkodie’s special jollof rice

Watch Nigerian singer Buju’s reaction after tasting Sarkodie’s special jollof rice


Nigerian artiste Buju was served with Sarkodie's special jollof rice play videoNigerian artiste Buju was served with Sarkodie’s special jollof rice

Sarkodie showcases culinary skills

Sarkodie settles jollof debate between Ghana and Nigeria

Sakodie praised for making ‘mouth-watering’ jollof meal

Popular Nigerian artiste Buju and his entire crew have been left in a state of shock after having a taste of Sarkodie’s sumptuous jollof rice.

The ‘big mood’ hitmaker who is currently in Ghana for the Christmas holidays was treated to a special jollof lunch by the rapper.

Handmade with his special recipe, Sarkodie made some shredded meat jollof rice with some Ghanaian salad, perhaps, to settle the long-held Ghana-Nigeria jollof debate.

These Nigerians who have since contended with Ghanaians over whose jollof meal tastes better emptied the whole plate of rice into their stomachs and asked for more.

Perhaps after tasting the special Ghanaian jollof rice, it has somewhat put an end to the perception that Nigerian jollof rice tastes better.

Buju and his crew gave excellent remarks about Sarkodie’s Ghana jollof although they failed to admit that it tasted better than theirs.

Popular Ghanaian beatmaker Guiltybeatz, also admitted that he has been ‘mind blown’ over Sarkodie’s mouth-watering dish.

One can recall that Nigerian record producer, Don Jazzy also had the chance to taste Sarkoddie’s special jollof rice and totally loved it.

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