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Ogidi Brown’s mother adopts ‘emotional blackmail’ tactics to collect £50 from him


Entertainment of Saturday, 18 December 2021

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Ghanaian artiste manager, Ogidi Brown and his mother play videoGhanaian artiste manager, Ogidi Brown and his mother

Ogidi Brown shocked at his mother’s ‘money collecting’ antics

Ogidi Brown cruises in town with mother

Ghanaians react to Ogidi Brown’s mother’s ‘money collecting’ antics

Ghanaian musician cum artiste manager Ogidi Brown has been subjected to an act of emotional blackmail by his mum who demanded a sum of £50.

Ogidi Brown who resides in Italy with his mother was driving her around while listening to the childhood tales that accompanied the £50 request.

This was after Ogidi blatantly refused to loan his mother the money adding that she has not refunded any of the monies he gave her in the past.

Ogidi’s mother after realizing that she might not be granted her £50 wish began to narrate how the artiste manager put her through a lot of troubles during childhood.

According to her, she spent a lot of money buying food for Ogidi Brown who was a glutton during his childhood days.

“I want you to give me a loan of £50, I’d quickly want to get something from the store. I forgot to give you back the £20 I took from you the other time. Amongst your siblings, you made me suffer the most right from your childhood till now so if I ask you for money stop complaining”, she said.

“You’re even supposed to give me £200 when I ask for £20. Giving birth to you was not easy. It came with a lot of complications. You were very stubborn and you liked food a lot. Ogidi, you could finish a tin of milo within 3 days. As for porridge, you could finish three big feeding bottles within hours”, she added.

Chancing upon the video shared by Ogidi Brown on his Instagram page, Ghanaians have flooded his comment section with relatable comments and similar experiences they have suffered from their parents.

Others said such acts of emotional blackmail are very common among African parents.

Watch the video below

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