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Ghanaian Afrobeats artiste Amelli to release EP


Music of Friday, 17 December 2021

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Afrobeats artiste Amelli Afrobeats artiste Amelli

Joshua Agbenu Amelli known in entertainment circles as Amelli is set to drop a new Executive Play (EP) christened Seven Even.

The new EP, according to the Afrobeats artiste features seven songs which he believes will propel his career to another level.

The upcoming artiste believes he destined to motivate, inspire and entertain others through his music.

He describes his type of music as one that talks to the heart and soul whiles nourishing the listeners’ spirits.

Some of the songs on EP are already out and the budding talent is says the signs are positive.

Amelli, in a review of the song opined that “Seven Even is an a collection of greats songs and I have worked very hard to release it.

“The Name Seven Even simply mean “perfect heaven” as seven means perfect and even means heaven or equality.”

Some of the songs on the EP include, Nothing to lose, They don’t know me and We rollin

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