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Akoto Afriyie never disrespected President Akufo-Addo


Active Ladies, a group affiliated to the governing New Patriotic Party has dismissed assertions that Dr Akoto Afriyie, the Minister of Food and Agriculture made disparaging remarks about President Akufo-Addo and the government while speaking at a program in the Nothern Regional capital of Tamale.

The group in a statement eulogized Dr Akoto Afriyie as a key member of the party who has over the years offered unflinching and faithful support to the party.

Read the statement below

We have come into singular contact with an audio-attached to an article in circulation on some social media platforms seeking to slander the name of the Honourable Agric Minister for Food and Agriculture concerning a meeting held with the Party Loyalists in the Northern Regional Capital of Ghana, Tamale last Sunday.

It is worthy to note that the said article has been concocted and twisted by the ill-wishers of the Honourable minister, to sway the hearts of the President and the Government against him. Such schemes of silly cowardice, insensitive and maliciousness has been the constant modus operandi perpetrated against his good self, in order that he may be looked upon with disdain and hatred, day in day out, and it does not come as a shock to us.

A trip down the memory lane proves and reveals a rather shocking, coinciding incident by means of a similar act of a diabolical nature when some party Loyalists paid a visit to him at his residence in Kumasi in March, this same year.

The most exasperating factor worthy of note is the fact that account found in the article is in sharp contrast and does not have, in any way, a connection to the so-called video being circulated. This is done by the irrelevant, hungry bottom-feeders who want to please the ardent haters of this Honourable minister.

It is an ignorant and erroneous impression to make that the Honourable Minister announced his presidential bid in any meeting, or that he incited the supporters through any incentive, against the President or the Government as speculated in the gibberish write-up.

It is imperative to know for a fact, and to boldly declare to you on record, that our Honourable Minister never gave out any money to the faithful supporters before, during or after the meeting.

The said Gh 2000 cedis per party supporter at the meeting as quoted in the article is meant to give the impression of vote buying. This is a foolish assertion to make, concocted by people who hide in the shadows and not only is it malicious but also a deliberate attempt to tarnish his gloriously acquired reputation and drag his image through the mud.

The Minister is in the 5 northern regions for his annual tour to interact with farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural sector. On the first evening of his tour, the Minister responded to a request by some party members to discuss the welfare of our party members.

And this has been a ritualistic burden he has tasked himself with since assuming Office in 2017, on all his regional tours, but these shameless defamers will not tell you that.

It is instructive to note that, this is something he  has been doing regularly on his regional tours since assuming office in 2017, and it is geared towards encouraging the Party Members to work assiduously to give their unflinching support to the “Akuffo-Addo-led” Government in order to promulgate its successes and achievements.


The subsequent discussions bordered and centered on the progressive and effective means for addressing their concerns.

And we seriously doubt in any way, how this can be misrepresented as an act of revolt or a stimulant for moving against the President, the Government and the Party as a whole.

We would like to repeat for emphasis that the article being circulated is a consciously planned attempt by his political detractors engineered at tarnishing his hard won reputation and scandalizing him in the eyes of the party.

We would therefore urge people to treat such actions with all the contempt and disdain it deserves and have absolute faith in our Honourable Minister.






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