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‘I believe Joyce Blessing is innocent’


Prophet Kumchacha has cited the case of ex-Ghanaian footballer, Nii Odartey Lamptey amidst the ongoing controversy of infidelity around the marriage of female gospel artiste, Joyce Blessing.

Joyce Blessing has been in the news recently over reports that one of her three children is not her estranged husband per a supposed DNA test result.

Despite the gospel star not making a public statement on the matter, several individuals have come to her defence with some people accusing her husband of working to tarnish her image.

Delving into the issue in an interview with Oman Channel, Prophet Kumchacha said he believes the gospel artiste is innocent of the allegations having known her all this while.

“I respect Joyce Blessing a lot. One cannot defend what is in someone’s mind but I Kumchacha know Joyce to be someone as someone who is not decorous. We can’t defend people for what they harbour in their minds but the Joyce I know its not like that,” Kumchacha said.

Having said that, however, Kumchacha went on to highlight the fact that infidelity on the part of a woman resulting in a partner losing the paternity of his children truly exists.

He noted that besides infidelity, there are many factors that could lead to a situation of paternity difference.

“But then again look at the issue of Odartey Lamptey that came up. Out of four children, none was his. It happens sometimes and I have explained the many possibilities. It can even be from the hospital,” he stated.

Meanwhile, the founder and leader of Hope Generation Ministry, Prophet Eric Amponsah (Computer Man) has parried the allegations of infidelity against Joyce Blessing insisting that it is rather Dave Joy (the husband) who is known to be a philanderer, and that is what has led his wife to seek separation.

“We have discussed their issues ten times. Joyce started seeking divorce a long time ago. There was a time I invited Joyce Blessing to come and sing at my church. When she came with her husband, he left her under the guise of going to urinate and was later seen proposing to one of the girls who had come to church. I had to call my daughter indoors and advise her, he has troubled her with his womanizing all this while,” he stated in an interview with Oman Channel.

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