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Seasonal merchandise traders anticipate higher sales ahead of Christmas


Market place in anticipation of festive season Market place in anticipation of festive season

Traders in the Central Business District of the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis are expecting sales to pick up around what they call ‘pay day’ period from the current slow start as the Christmas festivities draw closer.

According to them, the trend had been that many people preferred to do their Christmas shopping in mid-December in anticipation to procure the latest clothing and footwear designs as well as brands that befitted the festivities.

Christmas commemorates the birth of Christ Jesus and is one of the major events on the Christian calendar.

During this period, celebrants around the world, usually give gifts to one another, attend church services, parties, and other social events, in beautiful new clothes and attractive hairstyles.

This usually leads to a boom in the purchase of seasonal merchandise, especially for children.

The Ghana News Agency (GNA) visited the Takoradi Market Circle and its environs and observed that only a handful of shops had been decorated with Christmas ornaments, which showed their readiness for the season.

Others told the GNA that they were preparing to hang their Christmas ornaments in the coming week.

Maame Afua Akyereba, a sales representative of a shop at the Collins Avenue in Takoradi expressed the hope that business would be brisk from next week when the Christmas holidays would be nearer as it has always been the case.

“Last year, it was not very encouraging around this time but the holiday sales were significant in the end. I know that when our customers who work with the corporations receive their December salaries, we will see some good action”, she said.

Maame Mensima, a Floral and Décor shop owner at the Market Circle Post Office area also explained that some of the customers had been engaging in window shopping to plan their shopping budgets.

For her, sales were at their regular pace but expects it to be better in the coming days.

Madam Esi Sesewa, a hairdresser and a trader in wig caps, however, expressed pessimism at cashing in on the season and said the trend of patronage had been discouraging due to price hikes on the market.

The traders do not wish to increase the prices of their goods as they said the cedi had remained relatively stable for some time now but attributed the low patronage to the general economic hardships in the country.

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