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Cost of chicken to go up this Christmas


Business News of Wednesday, 15 December 2021

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Arrival of day-old chicks delayed due to Avian Influenza outbreak

Prices of poultry have gone up

Farmers and consumers will share the burden of increased price of raw materials

Prices of chicken and other poultry products are expected to go up, as the Christmas festivities approach. This is due to the unavailability of raw materials for the production of poultry feed.

Speaking on the Marketplace on JoyNews, the owner of one of the biggest poultry farms in Accra, Michael Nyarko Ampem, said the feed is a central part of raising farm birds hence, any decrease in quantity can largely after the number of birds produced.

“The feed is available but it is not readily available as one may want it. Because the prices of the raw materials have been quite stubborn coming after going up”.

He added that consumers should expect an increase in the cost of poultry.

“As for the price of the products it will go up but not so much. Because consumers have a way of choosing what they can buy or what they cannot buy so if you end up increasing the prices too much the consumers will not buy. So, there’s going to be a burden-sharing and once we share the burden the farmers will take some and the consumers will take a bit. But as for increase in prices, yes there will be an increase in prices.”

Poultry farmers are struggling with the availability of raw materials for feed. According to them, the prices of the feed have gone up in recent times, making it difficult for farmers to acquire, thus affecting their output.

With barely a week to Christmas, poultry farmers are making efforts to acquire machinery to increase production of the feed to be able to meet high demands.

However, low output levels can also be attributed to the outbreak of avian influenza which delayed the arrival of day-old chicks.

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