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What have you used the Bible and your Quran to invent in Ghana


Entertainment of Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Source: Victor Kodom, Contributor


Sony Achiba, Hiplife Musician Sony Achiba, Hiplife Musician

Veteran hiplife artiste Sony Achiba has thrown shots at Ghanaian Religious leaders, for the way they handled the LGBQA+ issues recently.

The Ghanaian Musician who became prominent in the early 2000s, has three albums to his credit. Afterward left for the United Kingdom to seek greener pastures.

The “gyama woyare” hitmaker believes the clergy do not have any right to rubbish the right of the LGBQA+ people because they’ve not invented anything with either the Bible or the Quran.

In an exclusive interview with Christian Agyei Frimpong on Anigye Mmere show on Onua 95.1 FM, Sony confessed that he doesn’t support the LGBQA+ legalization in Ghana, because Ghanaians doctors cannot solve problems relating to those practices.

He then explained that the same Ghanaians kicking against the LGBQA+

go to church to give glory to their maker for giving them the opportunity to go these same people they’re rejecting.

“Ghanaians are saying they don’t want LGBQA+ people, what have they invented with Bible or Quran. Am not saying we should accept LGBQA+ here because we don’t have the systems to treat them if they have infections, so we can’t do that here. But my problem is, the way Muslims leadership and the Pastors fought with vigor against them”.

“These same people you are rejecting, when you get Visa to their country, we do Thanksgiving service to God.

If you don’t want them, why do you rejoice when you get the chance to go there? Pastors pray for people to get the opportunity to go abroad, what do they do there, we should wise up, because the foolishness is too much”, Sony Achiba. opined.

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