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The ignorance spewed about vaccines shocking


Ace Journalist, Nana Anamoah Ace Journalist, Nana Anamoah

Nana Aba angry over ignorant tweets on Covid-19 vaccine

Nana Aba infuriated by preacher man who calls the vaccine ‘anti-christ’

Efia Odo trends for comparing malaria to Covid-19

Nana Aba Anamoah has fired at people she called ‘ignorant’ to stop misinforming Ghanaians on the Covid-19 vaccine.

She expressed her anger via Twitter in a post claiming a pastor had shared with his congregation that the vaccine is part of an ‘anti-christ’ grand scheme.

Describing the pastor’s conduct as ‘sheer ignorance’, Nana Aba was seemingly infuriated by the preacher man’s comments.

“The ignorance being spewed about vaccines on this app is painfully shocking. If you won’t take the jab, stay in your room quietly and let the rest of your compatriots be. Period. You lead an entire congregation and tell them covid vaccines are anti-Christ. Ah, what is that? Sister, I just saw a post from a pastor that I respected so much. I’ve been angry for one hour. He likened the vaccine to 666. Aw) de me”, she tweeted.

Nana Aba’s tweet comes after Efia Odo was dragged for comparing Malaria to Covid-19.

“Malaria has killed more people than COVID 19 (approximately 20,000 people yearly) but they’re mandating us to take a vaccine. Taking a vaccine should be a personal choice and not a mandatory decision. Guess I’m stuck in Ghana cuz I’m not taking any disapproved vaccine”. Efia Odo stated.

Efia’s post went viral and she has been trending since.

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