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I’m a walking evidence of men who chew breasts and make it flat – Shatta Michy


Michy is the mother of Shatta Wale's son, 'Majesty' play videoMichy is the mother of Shatta Wale’s son, ‘Majesty’

Michy advices men on how to properly handle breasts

Michy recounts her ‘flat breast’ struggles

Michy pokes ex-lover

Shatta Wale’s ‘baby mama’, Michy, has recounted a point in her life when her breasts fell flat due to how it was mishandled by an ex-lover.

Michy recalled instances where one of her ex-lovers chewed and squeezed her breasts anyhow to an extent they looked unattractive.

Failing to mention who that ex was, Michy said her breasts never had breathing space during that relationship adding that, that particular ex always fought her son over it.

One can recall that Michy suffered intense social media trolls over her saggy breasts sometime in 2017.

Her saggy boobs which was spotted at various red-carpet events and stage performances became topical on social media at that time.

But speaking on her past experience, Michy disclosed how her breast ended up that way.

She has therefore sent out a passionate appeal to men to treat women’s breast with care.

“I really don’t know who has to hear this but bro, breast is not pure water that you bite and suck anyhow. Don’t do that. It’s not bofrot neither is it Kalyppo. Don’t be doing that, it’s not a competition. Even if there is a competition for your woman’s breast, it’s certainly your child. DOVVSU must arrest you for competing with your own child over breast. Something as essential as that for your children. I’m a walking evidence of men like you who chew breast and make it flat. Go to the internet and see my throwback,” she stated in a video making rounds on the internet.

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