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Eric Amoako Twum stands tall


The dawn of our political dispensation visited us, with a chilling breeze of hope, and along came the beautiful dawn of a young, yet fulfilled life —the life of Eric Amoako Twum, an established patriot. This dawn, in all sincerity, was not normal dawn; colourful, feted with bliss and crowned with elations —the dawn whistled in celebration, the fate of a young patriot. Fanteakwa south constituents were blessed. They were blessed, for at least, they had cuddled and felt the prints of a young Prince, before entire Ghana did.

“…Education is the mother of leadership…” —Wendell Willkie noted. But this was not a piece of wisdom that lived outside Mr. Eric Amoako Twum’s mind. It was something his parents thought of, it was an idea he embraced earnestly and with commitment and dedication, he adorned and fortified himself with some notable academic honours from both home and foreign soils.

He is a proud holder of the following academic honours; MA in Marketing Management from the University of Birmingham, undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications from Emile Woolf College of London and University of Professional Studies.

Eric is also a chartered certified marketer since 2002 from the chartered institute of marketing, UK and is currently a Doctoral candidate pursuing a Ph. D. in Business Administration with a research interest in innovation management and service delivery in the public sector. These preparations jettisoned him for a long battle; a battle he is now fitted and clamoured to fight.

In the words of Thomas Carlyle, “…Experience takes dreadfully high school-wages, but he teaches like no other…” If Thomas Carlyle’s words are true, then Mr. Eric Amoako Twum is a vessel of hard lessons, served by the best teacher, “Mr experience”.

He served in varied capacities through his occupational journey. He is an entrepreneur with a special interest in technology investments across Africa; a former deputy chief executive officer of the Ghana Export Promotion Authority.

With an enviable 20 years or so experience in marketing, brand management, project management and investment promotion, it is not out of place for anyone to say, he had been baked properly for the breakfast of leadership. He left indelible prints at Millicom Ghana (Tigo), Nestlé Ghana, One Africa Media and Orange Telecom, a UK-based telecommunications giant.

The experiences garnered from these capacities are enormous and could only propel him for much grander feats —he was the commercial manager of Ghana’s footballing giants, Kumasi Asante Kotoko SC and as well, was the government spokesperson at the Ministry of Information and a communication specialist, Ministry of Trade & Industries.

To test the depths of Ghana’s ocean of politics, Mr Eric Amoako Twum vied and duly became the 1st vice chairman of Trobu constituency N.P.P. He contested for parliamentary primaries twice; Trobu and Fanteakwa South constituencies respectively. For almost a decade or so, Mr Eric Amoako Twum has been part of the N.P.P National communication team; a responsibility that is both a privilege and attainment.

His tremendous achievements coupled with his commitment and utter respect to the Danquah-Busia-Dombo tradition makes it hard for one to envision a destiny for him outside the annals of leadership. His principles, ideals and contributions details a surety that kept teasing us like time —he will come, but it better not be late. He is one of few patriots whose entire lives interlaced inextricably, with the life of our dear party, the New Patriotic Party; he is a seed whose season is now, later is almost never.

Against the above experiences aptly detailed, his worthy track records, his hard work, commitment and goodwill towards party faithful, there is but one competitor worthier insight, in any leadership position he so wishes to run for; that competitor, in all honesty, is himself —no one worthier! He paid his dues well, served earnestly, performed his duties and passionately, he honoured the party. It is now time for party faithful to requite the trust, respect and honour he so generously posed in us. By choosing Eric Amoako Twum, we are merely laying the foundation for greater service to the Party and Country —be part of this greater good, choose Eric!

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