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I’m ready to share my ‘papa no’ with other women


Entertainment of Monday, 13 December 2021

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Musician, Sista Afia Musician, Sista Afia

Sista Afia wants her Sugar daddy to be a good boy

The artiste shares money can make you do anything

Sister Afia ‘asserts’ money is the root of all evil

When other women are jealous about sharing their men, Sister Afia has revealed she won’t have a problem sharing her sugar daddy.

According to the Ghanaian singer, Francisca Gawugah known by her stage name as Sista Afia, she revealed she will have no problem if ‘Papa No’ who in Ghana is referred to as a ‘Sugar daddy’ is truthful about his ‘other’ women when dating her.

In an interview with MzGee, the artiste was referred to a social post dated 2020, she wished for all men dating one woman to be billionaires which she added wasn’t possible.

“Men with 1 girlfriend, may you become billionaires this year” she tweeted in 2020.

She explained that if her ‘Papa No’ treats her well, she was willing to share him with other women.

“Papa No if you come and then you’re being a good boy we can be good together. Yeah, we are good together. You know, when you’re doing something you let me know. I’m cool,” she said.

Sister Afia further added that she doesn’t blame women who do things for money.

“You see, but I don’t blame women. Money can make you do everything. When you have the money you can do anything. I don’t blame them, money is the root of all evil ampa,” she noted

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