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I connect to my Ghanaian roots, I sing Twi fluently


Music of Monday, 13 December 2021

Source: Nana Yaw Wiredu, Contributor


Blaca Blaca

Nigeria-based Ghanaian musician, Blaca, gives all lovers the holiday feeling when the play button is pressed on her latest single, ‘Follow You’.

Heavy on the instrumentation, ‘Follow You’ immediately captivates any good music listener with its impeccable guitar and the horns intro. The Steroc Global Entertainment signee then takes her time to lay her beautiful vocals on it, doing it so casually and effortlessly.

Although she was singing about a very common subject, ‘love’, Blaca with speaks on an intense obsession that comes with the initial stages of falling in love.

Blaca goes on to say the “I fit love you till money come oh baby oh” clearly resonating with lovers who do not make the financial status of their partner get in the way of their unconditional love. Does all in her bid to make her man know that “he is the only one for her”.

Targeting her fans in Ghana and paying respect to Kumasi, Blaca slides in a smooth Twi language that transitions into a broken Nigeria accent that does not only reveal where she comes from and where she lives now; but also reveals the broken heart being suffered by this lover who has been left behind in spite of all the promises and how she is willing to wait for him “you know I will be waiting” as she beautifully puts it.

‘Follow You’, a masterpiece produced by JaySynthsbeats and the melodious strings credited to Joshua Moszi is available on all streaming platforms with a neat visual accompanying the song also out on Youtube for streaming.

Blaca is a Kumasi artist based in Nigeria doing amazingly well, signed to Steroc Global Entertainment. Before releasing ‘Follow You’, the songstress warmed her fans up with a soothing cover of Jay Willz’s Medicine.

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