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Romantic ‘Ga’ man married to two wives – McDan shares his personal story


McDan with his two wives, Abigail McKorley and Roberta McKorley play videoMcDan with his two wives, Abigail McKorley and Roberta McKorley

McDan opens up on life as a polygamist

McDan extols his two wives

McDan discloses huge expenses associated with marrying two wives

Contrary to the popular assertion that Ga men are not romantic, Ghanaian businessman, Daniel McKorley, popularly known as McDan, thinks otherwise as he has disclosed how he handles two wives and still maintains a peaceful home with his loving charm.

Perhaps, McDan is a true reflection that some ‘romantic’ men from the Greater Accra region still exist as he has displayed his ‘lover boy’ side.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the McDan Group of Companies, is married to Abigail McKorley (first wife) and Roberta McKorley (second wife).

Throwing more light on life as a polygamist in a short video highlighting his autobiography, ‘The Path of an Eagle, Despair, Hope and Glory,’ McDan said “A lot of people think Ga men are not romantic but if you read this book you’ll realize how I’ve been romantic to both of my wives. I adore them. I don’t know that they made me romantic or I made them romantic. In all I think I’m a very romantic and passionate man. I’m very passionate about love. “

One can recall that in an interview with Metro TV sometime in 2020, Mr McKorley said he married two wives because he wanted to have a large family.

He also disclosed that the women live in separate houses and his first wife accepted his decision to take a second wife.

McDan, during that particular interview, also disclosed how expensive it is to keep two wives.

“Yes it is expensive (to have two wives), it is very expensive. Don’t try if you don’t have money, you must be prepared. I haven’t argued with any of my wives for a very long time, we don’t fight. It’s not really money, I mean they are ladies both are very composed, well educated, and matured,” he earlier stated.

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