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Joe Beecham wanted a pass without writing resit


Joseph Cudjoe has reacted to Pastor Joe Beecham’s comments

Pastor Beecham has approached the MP requesting for a help to pass his maths course

But the MP refused

Joseph Cudjoe, MP for Effia Constituency in the Western Region, has reacted to accusations that he refused to help gospel musician, Pastor Joe Beecham, with his Maths course whilst the musician was a student at Takoradi Polytechnic (T Poly), now known as Takoradi Technical University.

Pastor Joe Beecham in an interview with Kofi Adoma on Kofi TV stated that he one day approached the MP who was then his lecturer at T Poly and pleaded for help in Maths because he was struggling with the course but the lecturer refused.

“I had a problem with Maths from class one to the extent that one of my teachers dusted my face with chalk. I am very sensitive, so the thing got to me and whenever it is Maths time in school, I become scared. I never excelled in Maths all my life. I don’t understand why A and 2 should be friends…I struggled in Maths.

“So, one day, I approached Minister and I told him that, I go to national programmes to minister with some big artistes but I have a problem in Maths, so I want him to help me anyhow he can…I was more into reading subjects. When I approached Honourable, he gave it to me saying ‘go away, I can’t do anything, my friend’ so, I became afraid,” Joe Beecham recounted.

Pastor Joe Beecham indicated that, when the hand of God became bigger upon him, he decided to drop out of school and heed to the call of God.

But in a response copied to GhanaWeb, the MP, who now doubles as the Minister of Public Enterprises explained, “Pastor Joe Beecham wanted me to pass him without writing a resit. I refused to accept every offer he gave me. I asked him to join his colleagues who had also failed to prepare to resit the exams.

“He didn’t join them and his explanation was that he has forgotten all his Maths after staying in the house for a while before enrolling on the HND program.”

Joseph Cudjoe claims as a lecturer, he does not manufacture Maths scores for students to pass their exams.

“Don’t students who study what they’ve been taught to pass their exams? Is it only Maths that he failed?” he quizzed.

He noted that, he has always admired the pastoral and music exploits of Pastor Joe Beecham but he never believe the minister of God will one day make such claims.


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