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Africa and Ghana’s problem is leadership not politicians


Martha Ankomah reveals Africa’s greatest problem

Right thinking and love is what politicians need, Martha Ankomah says

Ghana must utilize its natural resources, Martha Ankomah charges

Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah, has identified poor leadership as the root cause of Africa’s woes.

She has therefore charged politicians in Ghana and the entire continent to utilize all-natural resources available to them to develop their nations.

Martha bemoaned the plight of citizens who vote politicians into power with the hope of elevating their standard of living but continue to wallow in poverty.

According to her, a country like the United Arab Emirates have been able to turn fortunes around with the discovery of oil but Ghana with all the available resources is still considered a developing country.

“Africa’s problem is actually leadership, not just politicians in Ghana. The entire problem is leadership, I will use Dubai as an example. They have been able to develop their country with just oil but take a look at Ghana, a country God has over-blessed with several natural resources including oil.

“Sometimes when you think about it, no white man should even give money to blacks. It is worrying, Dubai only has oil, they don’t have timber, cocoa, they don’t even grow mangoes. We grow almost everything, we have good weather but there are seasons where there is a food shortage,” Martha Ankomah said in an interview monitored by GhanaWeb on Ayekoo Ayekoo on Accra100.5FM.

The award-winning actress has charged Members of Parliament to do their best for their constituents.

“The whites thought Coronavirus will kill Africans more but God didn’t allow that to happen. This shows that God has blessed us. Our problem is leadership. If only our leaders can have the right thinking and love, they can transform the nation for the better. As a politician, do something for your people so when you are no more, people will praise you. They will say you fixed their roads, not the one who sits and watch children learn under tress. A good name is better than riches,” she said.

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