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The media must train Ghanaians the way they should go – Isaac Quarcoo


Entertainment of Thursday, 9 December 2021

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Record label boss and songwriter, Isaac Quarcoo Record label boss and songwriter, Isaac Quarcoo

Ghanaian record label boss and songwriter Isaac Quarcoo has spoken again on “Ghanaians don’t support their artistes” analogy in a recent interview.

He opined that, the media has done a great job over the years trying to promote our musicians and position them in the world market but according to him, there is more we can do to make that effort even better.

“Just like black people have over the years been told by the western media and entertainment industry how our culture is not okay and that we have to adapt to theirs to look extraordinary, we need to use that same medium to force a positive attitude on the average Ghanaian especially through the media. I will state categorically that our media has played a big role in placing a positive nature on other nationals especially Nigerians with the ‘Ghanaians don’t support each other’ narrative. Just imagine the impact of a million news items that are pushing ‘Ghanaians support Ghanaians’ agenda instead of otherwise, just imagine how awesome that will be”, he said.

Isaac Quarcoo aka Travelz added that “like the bible says, ‘train up a child the way he should go’. Let’s all come together and train the hearts of Ghanaians to absorb positive content about our country and our culture. Sometimes when I see continuous news content on the Ghanaians not supporting each other narrative, I become sad because the same energy could have been used to do the exact opposite”

“As the founder of the Techpreneurs Union of Ghana, I have sat in the same meetings with people from different nationalities and it will shock you how Ghanaians are revered and respected across the continent. Maybe we are yet to develop proper structures to measure certain things but I can tell for a fact that our songs and the image of our country goes far beyond our estimation. Give us a few years and see the kind of transformative work we will put through; I believe this with all the blood left me.” He passionately said.

He concluded with, “one thing the boggles my mind the most is when the same artists and influencers who are hurt indirectly because of the ‘negative’ narrative pushed on Ghanaians also blindly help promote it by using it everywhere they have the chance to discuss how Ghanaians respond to their music or their craft. I am urging all our celebs to turn things around. we can’t continue trying to eat at the same place we excrete and expect everything to be fine. It’s a long short but we can start it today and it will shock you how drastically we can turn things around tomorrow.”

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