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My mates thought I will fail in life because of ‘too much chilling’ – Kofi Amoabeng


Captain (Rtd.) Prince Kofi Amoabeng on Citi TV Captain (Rtd.) Prince Kofi Amoabeng on Citi TV

UT Bank co-founder Prince Kofi Amoabeng has spoken about growing up

Amoabeng was fun-loving and free-spirited young man

Amoabeng’s entry into the army introduced order and discipline into his life

Prince Kofi Amoabeng, co-founder of defunct UT Bank has opened up about his days growing up, disclosing that colleagues did not believe he will be successful in life.

According to him, too much ‘chilling’ was at the heart of the belief that he will not make it in life but he further disclosed that the gamechanger was his entry into the military where his life got reordered.

GhanaWeb monitored submissions he made when he appeared on Citi TV’s Point Of View programme that aired on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. “When I was going to school, a lot of people didn’t think I could make it in life because the chilling was too much.”

He described life at Adisco as ‘free-living’ as compared to an ‘overly studious’ St Peters Secondary School that he moved to later.

“I took that (free-living) notion to St. Peters and they found me so weird. That, who is this guy who is not serious? To the point that some of my mates came to tell me that if I can’t do the course, they will help me, to pass.

“So they were surprised. I think those days they had not seen a student smoking and I was smoking even on campus. It was new to them,” he added.

He elaborated on how entering the military and rising through the ranks had helped him achieve order and discipline in his life.

Which traits he conceded had been of great help in the process of recruiting staff for then Unique Trust Financial Services and subsequently how the company dealt with debtors and clients in general.

Kofi Amoabeng, recalls his childhood nickname, Kofi Babone, and credits his father fully for knowing exactly how to mould him and containing him well enough to allow him to blossom.

“I couldn’t be contained in the house, I was Kofi Babone. I was called Kofi Babone, all my uncles used to call me Kofi Babone, I was always up to something and I had a dad who could contain it and gave me room and still hold on to the ropes,” he added.

He was on the show to discuss his book titled: “The UT story” which was co-authored by George Bentum.

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