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Appreciate the gifts of gospel musicians – Empress Gifty advises Pastors


Empress Gifty, Gospel musician Empress Gifty, Gospel musician

Ghanaian gospel musician, Empress Gifty has urged pastors to appreciate artistes-given gifts especially those pursuing the gospel genre.

According to her, some men of God are musically inclined, “know music and love music hence, understand the ministry of gospel musicians.”

She noted that because these men of God impact the lives of their congregation, they know which artiste to invite to their church and how they treat them because “they know the value of whoever they have invited.”

She told Doctar Cann on Happy 98.9shows Ayekoo After Drive Show, “Some also think they are doing you a favor by calling you to sing at their church and this is why it is not in all churches I minister at.”

Mentioning pastors who support other gospel artists, she shared, “Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah and my Pastor, Rev Ahentia I know this because I have had a personal experience with these people so I know them.”

She highlighted that these men of God value artistes so much it is about the music but the artiste’s progress and growth.

“These are the people we are looking for to help us in the music industry because you can be a very good singer but will never be invited to sing at a church to promote yourself until you find yourself with a man of God who understands the grace you carry. So for me, I always say it is important for people to understand what you’re doing because if they do, it is very easy for them to support you,” she stated.

As an open person, she made it known that whatever she does for God is between, “My God and the covenant I have with him. Not about the people seated there. But what I was able to impact into their lives after my ministration.”

She urged all men of God to support gospel artists, what they do and appreciate the gift they carry. “The church is fragile so pastors should know how to handle us. If you know how to handle us and tame us, you will love what we do,” she said.

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