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Africa Cup of Nations – 65 years of top football


Africa Cup of Nations trophy Africa Cup of Nations trophy

In 30 days, all the world’s eyes will be on Cameroon as the 33rd edition of the TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations, Cameroon 2021 will be played from 9 January to 6 February 2022.

The TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations, also known as AFCON or CAN (Coupe d’Afrique des Nations), is the flagship football tournament in Africa organized by Confederation Africaine de Football (CAF).

It was first held in 1957 in Sudan with three teams (Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia) participating.

The participating teams’ number increased gradually with time to become four in 1962, six in 1963, eight starting from 1968, twelve from 1992, sixteen from 1996 (only 15 played in 1996 and 2010), till reaching 24 teams starting from 2019 edition in Egypt.

A total of eighteen (18) countries hosted the competition, with two editions being co-hosted: 2000 (Ghana and Nigeria) and 2012 (Gabon and Equatorial Guinea).

With 32 editions being played till the moment, fourteen (14) teams have been crowned with the title. Egypt is the most successful nation in AFCON history, winning the tournament seven times.

Edition Hosts Champions

1957. Sudan Egypt

1959. Egypt Egypt

1962. Ethiopia Ethiopia

1963. Ghana Ghana

1965. Tunisia Ghana

1968. Ethiopia DR Congo

1970. Sudan Sudan

1972. Cameroon Congo

1974. Egypt DR Congo

1976. Ethiopia Morocco

1978. Ghana Ghana

1980. Nigeria Nigeria

1982. Libya Ghana

1984. Cote d’Ivoire Cameroon

1986. Egypt Egypt

1988. Morocco Cameroon

1990. Algeria Algeria

1992. Senegal Cote d’Ivoire

1994. Tunisia Nigeria

1996. South Africa South Africa

1998. Burkina Faso Egypt

2000. Ghana-Nigeria Cameroon

2002. Mali Cameroon

2004. Tunisia Tunisia

2006. Egypt Egypt

2008. Ghana Egypt

2010. Angola Egypt

2012. Gabon-Equatorial Guinea Zambia

2013. South Africa Nigeria

2015. Equatorial Guinea Cote d’Ivoire

2017. Gabon Cameroon

2019. Egypt Algeria

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